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Our mission is to ensure that
the worst does NOT happen

Damasec specializes in perimeter security in urban areas (bollards, walls, fences, etc.) on pedestrian streets, squares, plazas, and roads, as well as securing buildings against explosions, gunfire, and forced entry.

The urban population is growing, and so is the threat level, categorized as severe.

It’s increasingly necessary to regulate traffic and secure access to pedestrian streets, public squares, parks, or events in urban areas.

At the same time, there’s a growing need to secure buildings (doors, windows, facades, etc.), including government buildings, embassies, banks, airports, shopping centers, and the like. Damasec develops security solutions against attacks where bombs, gunfire, and forced entry, such as vehicle attacks are used.

Damasec Physical Protection Systems is a one-stop-shop. We design, manufacture, and install comprehensive physical security and protection solutions.

+20 years of experience from successful projects
with a certified product portfolio.

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From straightforward to complex solutions

Damasec Physical Protection can offer consulting early in the process and assist you in finding the right solutions and significant savings. We advise on both simple and turnkey security solutions.


Take us into consideration early in the process. We also provide advice on tender preparations and proposal if needed.

Project Management

We handle project management, delivery, and installation of security solutions across most parts of the world.

Proficiency in all stages of construction

We have experience as project managers for client deliveries, as main contractors, subcontractors, and product suppliers.

The broadest
selection available

We offer the broadest selection of certified traffic and security solutions. Marketleading products. High reliability. Long lifespan.


Perimeter Security

Traffic and security bollards, barriers, gate, fences, and road blockers.

Sikring af byrum

Secure Public Spaces

Solutions for urban furniture with hidden security of urban spaces.

Terrorsikring af bygninger

Protection for buildings

Bulletproof, blast-resistant, and burglar-proof windows, doors, walls, and facades.


Customer and Partner Testimonials

Our customers include municipalities, governments, state organizations, embassies, authorities, and businesses in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Our secondary market consists of governments, state organizations, and businesses worldwide, including the UN, EU, NATO, and humanitarian organizations.

Ensure the Security of

Your City and Building

Watch a crash test with a 7.5-ton truck against the SP400 SM 48 Shallow Mount – one of the strongest bollards on the market, effectively stopping a truck/hostile vehicle (HVM) at 48 km/h.

Gain Insights into Selected Projects

Confidentiality agreements limit us from providing exact technical data/information about the references.



Let's talk
about your city

Traffic regulation or counter-terrorism measures? Whether you’re looking to secure an urban area, a pedestrian street, a square, or a building, we can advise you early in the process so you can make an informed decision. We provide guidance on both traffic solutions and can assist with risk assessments when more comprehensive measures are needed.

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Our articles prepare you to make the right decision regarding future-proof traffic and security solutions.